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Species from the cutting-room floor.

Additional Species

Note: Use the drop-down 'Additional Species' menu at the very top to see the, well, additional species.

It is in the nature of authors to be over-ambitious in their writing, and I am a prime example of this. So it is that, even though I cut back on my original list of species for the book, there were several that were in my original manuscript which fell by the wayside to fit the 400 page maximum that I was allowed to make the book portable.

In the pages that follow all of those I wrote-up, plus a few which I never attempted, are presented.

Note: I have been a little less concerned with the calendar aspect of these as I have not thought about them very much, not have I asked any of my friends for their opinion on when things might appear. Nevertheless, I believe that the month-graphics I have supplied to be at least fairly accurate.

Ash keys.jpg

The above photograph is of young Ash keys. These were on a very tentative early list, but, despite their reputation of being edible (usually when pickled), I have never had any success with them. Those in the photo are young, but not, it seems, young enough and possess the texture of a thin clothes peg when pickled.

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