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John Wright lives in West Dorset with his wife and (sometimes) their two daughters. He has had nine books published: River Cottage Mushroom Handbook, River Cottage Edible Seashore, River Cottage Hedgerow, River Cottage Booze Book, Naming of the Shrew, Natural History of the Hedgerow, The Forager's Calendar, A Spotter's Guide to the Countryside and The Observant Walker. He is now researching a new book, Grasslands, which is to be published in 2025.

In addition to his books, Wright contributes articles to various magazines. He gives the occasional radio interview and lectures widely on foraging, natural history and the Latin nomenclature of organisms.

Wright is one of the most experienced foray leaders in Britain, having led over a 1,000 forays since he began in 1992. He still takes forays every year for a variety of organisations (such as River Cottage). He also leads private forays for individuals, corporate days and even the occasional stag and hen do.

Agent: Gordon Wise

Curtis Brown,

Haymarket House,

28 -29 Haymarket,



Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7393 4400

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If you have any questions about foraging, any nice stories about foraging, have found a mistake in the books or would like me to give a talk or take a foray, please use the contact form below. It does not accept photos, but mention in your message if you want to send one and I will provide the direct email address.

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