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Welcome to the
Forager's Calendar Website!

This site is designed to complement the Forager's Calendar with extra material. This includes some more forageable species, more photographs, a simple key to the gilled fungi described in the book and more.

I am also using this site to keep people informed about the forays I run around Britain and as a means by which people can contact me for any private fungus, seashore or hedgerow foray they would like me to lead. Please contact me
here if you would like more information.

News: For the last two years I have been working on a new book:

The Observant Walker.

Within its pages I relate my eight journeys with 'D' through the natural history of Britain.

My last book, Spotter's Guide to Countryside Mysteries, is also supported.

This is devoted to all the things one sees on a country walk for which any explanation does not come readily to hand: Smut fungi, dew ponds, broomrapes, strip lynchets, piddocks, scarlet caterpillar fungi,


The Forager's Calendar.

To order a copy, please visit your local bookseller or follow this link to Amazon.



On this website you will find:

Additional chapters on species which did not quite make it into the book.

Additional photos of many species mentioned in the text.


A key to the (gilled) mushrooms (both edible and poisonous) mentioned in the book.

Links to useful foraging-related sites.

Details of my public forays.

​Supporting material for The Spotter's Guide to Countryside Mysteries.

Details of my new book, The Observant Walker, and supporting material for it when it is published on the 7th April 2023.

Contact details.


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