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I am fiddling around with this site at the moment, incorporating The Observant Walker, my new book. Things will be in odd places for a bit!

Welcome to the
Forager's Calendar Website!

This site is designed to complement my books, the Forager's Calendar (FC), Spotter's Guide to the Countryside (SGC) and The Observant Walker (TOW). For FC, the extra material includes additional forageable species, more photographs and a simple key to the gilled fungi. For SG and TOW I supply the references, and for TOW I also provide many of the images it contains but in slightly higher resolution plus some extra images for which there was insufficient room in the book.

e note that the TOW material is a work in progress!

The book covers a
re displayed on this page. Click on one to reach the appropriate page. There is no further info here on the Nat. Hist. of the Hedgerow book pictured here, the link taking you to the Amazon page should you wish to buy a copy.

Fungus Forays


I am sorry, but after nearly fifteen years, I will no longer be taking my public New Forest Fungus Forays.

I hope to offer private forays next year (2024). Do write to me if you wish to know more. ​

In 2023 I am taking public forays at River Cottage HQ in East Devon, and at Moon Down near Tunbridge Wells.

Please note that my former website,, is now closed.

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